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Book Publishing

Not to Hate But to Love That Is What I Am Here For; by Heinrich F. Liebrecht

Books in print:

"Not to Hate But to Love That Is What I Am Here For, my path through the hell of the third reich.", by Heinrich F. Liebrecht, Xlibris, 2009, ISBN-13: 978-1436368902. Translated from German by Ursula Osborne. Heinrich Liebrecht and his wife Elisabeth Hertz were friends of Hertha and Robert Solmitz. Elisabeth Hertz worked as a photographer specializing in celebrities. Heinrich Liebrecht worked as a lawyer and diplomat. They married 23 August 1941, Hamburg, Germany.

Books in preparation for publication:

Current plans are for the archive to publish these as “G & S Publishers”.


The play "Requiem" was performed four times in Arcata, at Humbold Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship, Bayside, Humboldt County, on 10th-13th January 2013.
Announcement: "But to Love", January 10, 2013, North Coast Journal, Humboldt County.
Interview: Requiem in Arcata, January 6, 2013. Stage Matters, Humboldt County.


The archive exhibts information and artwork:


The archive hosts visiting researcher:

In addition to visits many research inquireies have been received via email.

Relocation, Cataloging, Digitization

Within a few years the archive will transfer to Alexandria, VA. On its way it will stop in New York at the Leo Baeck Institute. There it will be catalogued by digitization. Its catalogue is going to be incorporated with the catalogue of the Leo Baeck Institute. The holdings will remain the property of the HR Solmitz Archive in Alexandria, VA.