Robert & Hertha Solmitz together at Blankanese


   Hertha Elisabeth Solmitz née Goldschmidt and Robert Mortiz Solmitz Archive




Hertha Elizabeth Solmitz

portrait of hertha solmitz

Hertha was born in Hamburg in 1899 to Elisabeth née Dehn and Eduard Goldschmidt. Both of Hertha’s parents were natives of Hamburg. Hertha studied Horticulture in Friedrichstadt and Rothenburg ob der Tauber. She found employment in Berlin at the 14,000 square meter property of Dr. Paul Petchek at Little Wansee, Friedrich Karl Straße (today am Sandwerder 29/31), from Month? 1925 to March 1926. Hertha continued the garden improvements started after the Bismark era by Alfred Litwark. She met Robert Solmitz while working in Berlin. They married in 1926.

Robert Moritz Solmitz

portrait of robert solmitz

Robert was born in Hamburg in 1894 to Hedwig née Traube from Cassel and Ernst Solmitz from Braunschweig. During WWI from 1914 to 1918, Robert served in the German army. Upon returning home from the war Robert was quite ill and bedridden for many months. In 1925 he passed the bar exam and founded a law partnership with Bernhard Hansen. It was while studing law in Berlin he met Hertha Goldschmidt. He was fascinated by the young, self-assured, independent woman. They married in 1926.